turn5TURN, April 2014 – at Contact, Manchester.

Explosive, intimate, graceful and challenging — a micro-festival of emerging North West danceworks.

Humorous and playful, lyrical and courageous, intense and fearless – all packed into two nights spanning form and space.

This years TURN prize winner was, Jo Ashbridge for her wonderful ‘Going Places’, choreographed & performed by Jo, herself.


Jo Ashbridge on her TURN experience, followed by a video of her performance…

“This year was my fourth sharing at TURN and my first time performing solo. I have presented solo work at TURN’s sister event, Emergency, in 2009, which showcases live art and contemporary performance, though never really felt that my solo work fit in to dance specific platforms. With this piece, I have incorporated more choreographic elements and plan to further explore its movement vocabulary when developing it. However, it will always primarily be about how the movement acts to portray an idea – in this case the inability to stay present in the moment, the tendency to constantly cast the mind to other times and places, and the surreal nature of this kind of involuntary mind activity. I consistently look for the humour within things and create work with a sense of fun and irony, which has definitely been the case with ‘Going Places’. TURN has presented me with a fantastic opportunity to develop my practice over the years and I’m hugely honoured and excited to develop and tour this piece with the support of the TURN Prize.”

– Jo Ashbridge