In the year that Manchester is the European City of Science 2016, Dance Manchester’s & SEERIH of the University of Manchester’s new youth dance performance project brings the arts and science together through dance. The choreography is based on the knowledge of leading astrophysicists, Dr Rowan Smith & Dr Helen Mason on the subject of how stars are formed and ‘our star’, the Sun. This has then been interpreted into movement by Greater Manchester based choreographer, Bridget Fiske.

See ‘Stellarium for free at the Great Science Share, Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI), on Wednesday 6th July at 6.10pm.

Dance Manchester’s Stellarium is also performed at Manchester Town Hall the same day, however this performance is closed to the public.

Greater Manchester is the European City of Science 2016. This is a UK first, and a unique opportunity to get young people to get excited about science and the possibilities it offers. The aim is to get as many young people involved as possible and encourage creativity, confidence; to instil ownership and create a buzz about science across Greater Manchester.