Lisi Perry

The Moving Dance Forward Show

Hello again, I’ve still been working away in the studio, playing with ideas and enjoying working with dancers here in […]

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Perry Christmas

Lisi Perry here. It’s that time of year again – when most of us get to have a little rest. […]

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Christopher Owen

How It All Started

It all started with a traffic jam. An accident involving two vehicles and a lorry on a motorway. I was […]

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I am Christopher Owen

I am Christopher Owen. I am from a town in the North West, called Macclesfield. A town on the edge […]

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Bridget Fiske

Until then

The New Year means I am moving into the next two phases of my Moving Dance Forward project. Between now […]

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I am Bridget Fiske

I am Bridget Fiske. I sometimes refer to myself as an Australian country girl. When I hear myself say this, […]

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Joseph Lau

I am Joseph Lau

I am Joseph Lau. A North-West dance artist based in Manchester who arrived from Brisbane, Australia just over 5 years ago. I came […]

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